Rota Truck Trolley

Product Description

We are manufacturing and supplying Rota Truck Trolley in Ahmedabad,Gujarat.The Rota Truck Trolley is a great example of just how customisable the Rotatruck can be. With its short toe, it easily picks the stacked crates off a pallet for in-store delivery. Once at the shelf, the self-supporting design allows ergonomically improved unloading with a minimum of bending while handling a full crate. Recently a large Australian retailer wanted to see proof of the Rotatruck advantages. An independent ergonomic specialist conducted the study documenting time savings of 21% and a reduced physical effort of 78% when compared to a conventional hand truck.


Product Details

Usage/Application : Industrial,Commercial
Surface Treatment : Painted, Powder Coated
Material : Mild Steel
Length : 54 inch
Width : 20 inch
Height : 12 inch